Finland tightened restrictions on Russians

Finland has tightened restrictions on Russians, including the country’s authorities have limited the purchase of land under the pretext of ensuring national security. This was announced by the sales representative in Helsinki Anton Loginov.

According to the trade representative, from 2020, for non-EU citizens, a license from the Ministry of Defense was required. At present, it is proposed to amend these rules.

“Firstly, the Ministry of Defense gets the right to find out the origin of the funds for which the site is bought. Plus, they additionally received the right to set the distance to the object of the defensive forces or the Finnish border guard, ”Loginov explained.

He added that initially Moscow considered licensing an administrative barrier, but now, under the pretext of ensuring national security, the authorities are imposing additional restrictions on the purchase of land.

Earlier, Russian tour operators expressed the opinion that the difficulties of obtaining a visa and problems with payment by cards will negatively affect the desire of Russians to travel to Finland even after the opening of land borders.